Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seattle Food Blogger Events, Seattle Food Blogger Events, First year Anniversary

A year ago I started the Seattle Food Blogger Events. I really wanted to meet more people who like to ramble on about food. I never thought I would meet some of my closest friends.
The first event was last December at Quinn's. The place was relatively new and we all wanted to check it out together. Some of us instantly clicked, some of us took some time to get used to each other but we all stayed in touch. From that moment on, we started helping each other, we sent each other emails and we forwarded food events to each other.
A year later the group has expanded to more than 50 bloggers. Each event has a different dynamic and each event brings something unique to the table.

Our one year anniversary, we celebrated just a month late at Vermillion.
Vermillion is an art gallery and bar in Capitol Hill. The place is beautiful, cozy and just one of those places you wish you would have known about sooner.
We had a bar snacks competition (Salty or Sweet, Bar Snacks Compete!) where all the bloggers brought their favorite bar snacks, either store- bought or homemade. Some of the winning snacks were Mina's crab cakes (Northwest Stir) ,Secret Stash Roasted Almonds, Thyme and cheese cookies by Nurit and California Rolls by Fumiko.

If you have a food blog (at least 3 months old) and would like to be invited to Seattle Food Blogger Events, please email me:
or join one of my facebook group: Seattle Food Bloggers or Frantic Foodie Friends

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Pictures taken by Ronald of Cornichon, one of the bloggers that has helped me continously since the first blogger event and also the genius behind one of my most favorite food blogs.


DanielBretzke said...

That was a good time. Thank you for organizing this great event. Fumiko talked about it for a couple of weeks..

Anonymous said...

Happy to find you! I am a Seattle Food blogger and just new to facebook!

janelle said...

Oops, need to qualify that statement with a blog;)

Best! Love Quinns!