Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Cravings: Volterra, Top Pot and Kukuruza

We took our newborn to dinner the other night. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the baby while he is young and sleepy.
We went to Volterra.
We loved the exceptional selection of fresh pasta, impressive selection of meats and the reasonable price for high quality Italian food. I recommend Volterra, we went twice in two weeks. I am already planning my next visit there.

During a dinner at friends, we had Top Pot Doughnuts for dessert. I am in love, love, love. I have been craving them all week.

On a recent stroll to the Pike Place Market, I discovered Kukuruza gourmet popcorn (215 Pike St) on the way. You can sample many flavors in the shop, I fell in love with the Rocky Road but ended up taking home the cheese popcorn because I felt less guilty.
This is not the icky popcorn that leaves crusts of preservatives on your fingers. This one tastes wholesome and natural. They have a selection of gift ideas so next time you are debating on what to send to a friend, think KUKURUZA.

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Jay said...

If I ever strike it rich, I will fill a kiddie pool with a variety of wonder from Top Pot, and spend the entire day immersed in it.

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Rather off topic but I just ran across your blog and LOVE all the great ramblings about Seattle foodie-type stuff... Awesome! I'll definitely check back!!

frantic foodie said...

A party in a huge swimming pool would be even better,

thanks Tofumom- chowda looks great

Rosemary said...

Whenever we're around Pike Place, I'm craving a borek from Turkish Delight, and a palmier from Le Panier. Lovely....