Sunday, March 9, 2008

Join the Seattle Pride Show

The pride was oozing out of the panel's ears. Want to be proud of Seattle?
The recipe is simple…Invite charismatic Seattle Chefs. Tom Douglas (Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, and so many more), Thierry Rautureau (Rover's) and Holly Smith (Cafe Juanita). Make sure to add John Rowley, seafood expert extraordinaire, Martin Johnson (Chateau St Michelle Winery) for all the wine you need to know and David Schomer (Espresso Vivace) to talk coffee and get the crowd laughing in unison. Finish your masterpiece with experience from Greg Atkinson (chef, food journalist and cooking instructor) and package it all by Jim Poris, editor of Food Arts Magazine.

It seems like the Research Chefs Association knew just who to invite to speak at the Culinology Conference about Pacific Northwest Cuisine. The tune went a little something like this….
We got the Pike Place Market, 100 restaurants in 3 blocks, easy to eat fresh, local,
seasonal, restaurants that serve strawberries only when in season, and last
but not least a "sophisticated, salmon, savvy market" (thanks, John Rowley).

From the audience, questions about Seattle's modesty arose. Why doesn't Seattle need to boast? How is it that this city is always being discovered? The answer was rather simple, said in so many diplomatic ways, Seattle has the attitude of a small town and we like it that way!

If only the energy of this panel could be condensed into a tiny pill and given to the Seattleite that dares to complain about the rain, lack of light or anything else that people here like to grouch about!

We have the whole Pike Place Market in our hands!

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