Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eating Like A Foodie Most of the Time

Yes I am a foodie.
My eyes sparkle at the sight of a homemade dish that I have not yes experienced.
My nose can sniff melted butter from miles away. I don't eat as much as I want to. I am very careful about what I eat 80% percent of the day so that I can eat what I want to during the rest of the time. I eat lots of whole grains and insane amounts of vegetables.
Here are my foodie rules.

1. I would rather butter over sugar. Butter doesn't cause me to feel guilty. Sugar makes
me feel hungry and tired.
2. I never eat soup at restaurants unless it is a really good restaurant and I know that they make the soup from scratch.
3. I am slightly lactose intolerant but I will eat any dairy products when out of the house. I will not risk getting a stomach ache for processed cheese or fake milk products. I will risk a stomach ache for risotto any day of the week.
4. I almost never have any cookies in my house unless they are homemade or really good store-bought cookies. There is no way that I would risk my foodie calories for some boring cookie.
5. At home I only drink water.

Note: I try to live by these rules but I tend to break them sometimes. Nobody is perfect.

What are your foodie rules?

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AnticiPlate said...

Welcome back! My foodie rules are "everything in moderation". I also exercise a lot so that I can eat what I want. I avoid mayonnaise, cream sauces, and prefer olive oil over butter (but I still LOVE butter). But, for the most part, I just never let myself get TOO full, while eating what I want.

frantic foodie said...
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frantic foodie said...

Those are excellent rules. I especially live by the not being too full. I hate the bloated feeling.