Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rewind to the Last Month or So.

I have had a very busy month lately so I will try to summarize it in this post. I went to the James Beard Celebrity dinner,a dinner hosted by the Executive Chef of the Columbia Tower Club, Chef James Hassell featuring James Beard Award Nominee and reknown Chef Ethan Stowell (Anchovies and Olives, How to Cook a Wolf).

The view was breathtaking and the dinner was very well executed with each course plated like a work of art and layers and layers of flavors. The sugar business card in the back was because we sat with the owners of Sugar Bakery. We also sat with Sheri and Barnaby of Foodista, an online encyclopedia that you can edit. Do you remember my little contest? The winner posted about it. I love her blog.

A few days later was my Ruth Reichl Event, which will forever be a milestone in my life. I met one of the people that I most admire in the food world and got to bring 50 other people together for this.

The next thing that happened that week was the I.F.B.C, International Food Bloggers Conference by Foodista's Sheri and Barnaby.
They did a wonderful job at putting it together, with lots of useful information on many diverse topics (you can watch it online on the link above).
It was like summer camp for bloggers. I got to hang out with great people for two full days. After the weekend, I kind of tried to keep a low profile for a few weeks.

It was very intense and when it turned into a claustrophobic cliquy after-party on twitter with people tweeting every minute of the day, I knew it wasn't my thing. I elegantly reminded myself that I have a family, work and my own projects to do and only popped in and out of twitter occasionally. No offense to anyone but I could totally see a Dr. Phil episode happening, where a man had stopped socializing with his family and stopped leaving his room because he had been sucked in by the Twitter hole.
Much more has happened since then, so keep checking back soon. I can't wait to tell you about my experience at Maximus/Minimus.

Sheri and Barnaby


Nurit said...

sounds like a lot on your plate ;-)
yeah, twitter can be totally addictive. As well as reading blogs, ha ha ha.

alice said...

Thanks Keren for allowing me to enjoy such a wonderful memorable evening. And I love your blog too!

John said...

It looks very goods
I'll definitely to come back to your blog again.