Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foodportunity and Networking

As many Foodportunities arise, I just discovered Biznik and joined their community. Biznik, A social networking website for business networking. I need to do more online networking.

Speaking of networking,do you all know Girl Power Hour? Darnell Sue puts on events for women that you won't want to miss.

Foodportunity is a lot of fun. On the way I discovered Mise en Place by Kyle is now helping out with the event. Also I discovered Tours Northwest.

FYI, Washington Trollers Association will be donating marbled chinook salmon to the event, delivered straight from fisherman Geoff.
Tom Douglas Restaurants will be doing something special with the salmon.

Tickets are selling really fast so if you want to get a ticket, get it soon

Click here for more details


MyLastBite said...

I've never heard of biznik.

Checking it out now. Thanks!

PheMom said...

Hi Keren,

I just wanted to actually stop by and say thank you for emailing me back about ideas. I really appreciate it so much!

What you had to say was a lot along the same lines I was thinking so it is so nice to have it confirmed that those ideas can indeed work.

I think you are doing a wonderful job here and I just wanted to say so!

Thanks again!



frantic foodie said...

My Last Bite, I love your blog and am honored to see you on mine

Glad I could help, Keep me posted