Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seattle Food Blogger Potluck

It was that time of the month.
The time when all the food bloggers get together to gossip about food. Every month, I organize an event for Seattle Food Bloggers and this month it was a potluck!
The list this time was composed of many: (in no particular order)Lara from Cook and Eat, Ronald from Cornichon, Michael from Herbivoracious , Naomi from Gastrognome, Candace from Italian Woman at the Table, Katrin from Simply Culture, Eileen from Mintz her Words, Layla from Laylita, Jay from Seattle Sound Magazine and Seattlest, Peabody from
Culinary Concoctions and last but not least Mina Williams from Nw stir. Many bloggers also brought guests. What do you expect us to do with so much food?
We started off with some shmoozing and then Lara from Cook and Eat gave a wonderful presentation with photography tips. She talked about how to use lighting when taking pictures and showed off some of the props she used. Everyone was mesmerized by the information she was giving. One of the tips she gave was to use tiny props(shot glass, mini plates). Thank you Lara, It was a great opportunity to get to hear your advice.
The evening continued with an elephant gift exchange, a raffle and lots of foodie talk.
Lilach from Lilach photography took pictures at the event, check out her site to get a glimpse of Lilach's photography.
See you all at the next one.

Pics above:
1 from Herbivoracious
2 from Culinary Concoctions
3 is what I made: a chocolate cookie, white cream filling and chocolate outside. I will post the recipe in the next few days.

Are you a food blogger in Seattle? Send me an email: kerenlovestocook@gmail.com


Peabody said...

Thanks for organizing the potluck. I was nice to meet more Seattle area bloggers.

Norene Gilletz said...

Guess I'll have to plan a visit to Seattle to get to sample those yummy Krembos! Sounds like it was an amazing potluck.

Norene Gilletz, cookbook author

Layla said...

Hi Keren - thank you for organizing this event, as usual you did a great job! Layla

Anonymous said...

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