Monday, June 2, 2008

Indulgent Discovery: Chocolate Pasta

This week while strolling through the fabulous Pike Place Market, I discovered long strands of chocolate pasta. Could it be? Yes, Pappardelle's sells chocolate pasta by the pound. Strands of pasta infused with dark chocolate to be eaten for dessert.
I think I can trick myself into having a bowl of this for dinner instead of dessert.

The pasta comes with a recipe for pasta with raspberries, ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
Indulge! Come On! You know you want it!

Papardelle's Pasta found at the Pappardelle stand in the Pike Place Market
Price: 4.50 per half a pound/ 9 dollars for a whole pound


AnticiPlate said...

What! That is fabulous. What a great idea. Speaking of chocolate, the other day I had a chocolate and basil truffle. That is a crazy, but surprisingly delicious combination!

frantic foodie said...

chocolate and basil is a good flavor combination

The best sorbet I ever had was tomato and basil

! love basil!

Anonymous said...

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