Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Events

What a special day! The Pike Place Market Street Festival is today, click here for more

Also today, Rosanna Warehouse Table sale, Click here for more

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ruth Reichl Meets the Bloggers at Olivar

This month's Seattle Food Blogger event was a Q.A session with one of the culinary world's most influential writers, Ruth Reichl.
The event took place at Olivar on Capitol hill in Seattle. Chef Philippe prepared some wonderful appetizers and Vin Du Lac Winery served three fabulous wines.

Ruth started off by clearly reminding us that her new book " Not Becoming My Mother" is not about food. She went about saying this, somewhat apologetically as if food is all you would expect of her. Within a few seconds the group was mesmerized, each blogger intently leaning forward to hear more about Ruth's life journey.

The pictures at this event were taken by Lara Ferroni of Cook and Eat and Rina Jordan of Rina Jordan Photography. These two photographers did a wonderful job at capturing the intense moments that filled the room.
The photos on this post are by Lara Ferroni.
Rina Jordan's gallery can be seen by clicking on this link.

Thank you Ruth for meeting with us.
Thanks to everyone for coming! Thank you Chef Philippe from Olivar and Larry from Vin du Lac.
Thank you Lara and Rina for all the photos.

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Chef Philippe Thomelin of Olivar

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Matthew-Amster Burton contributing writer for Gourmet and author of Hungry Monkey with Ruth Reichl editor of Gourmet

Chef Philippe's appetizers. His signature albondigas always win the crowd

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Ruth Reichl and Jaden of Steamy Kitchen

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ruth Reichl Meets the Bloggers

I put together another Seattle Food Blogger Event this friday. We met exclusively with Ruth Reichl. I will put up pictures soon but for now, Leslie Kelly posted a nice post on her blog. This is the video she took.
Rachel Belle of The Examiner posted about it too, click here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hungry Monkey

Not too long ago, I attended a food event by Kim Ricketts. What We Talk About When We Talk About Food: An Evening with Seattle Writers”.

Matthew Amster-Burton,read a passage from his book, Hungry Monkey and I was hooked.
I will explain why.

I am obsessed with breastfeeding. I love it. I am drained, exhausted, I feel like an old cloth but I love it. I love the feeling, I love the cuddling. I can't believe milk comes out of there. I hesitate to talk about breastfeeding because I know some people have a hard time with it. I did too. It took me 3 weeks to teach the little rascal how to do it. I finally got it and I love it.

Then Matthew comes along, reading a passage from his book about how breastfeeding is not what they make it out to be. He explains how colostrum, the first milk is really nasty. He talks about how gross it is. How babies hate it. That was it. I was hooked.
Breastfeeding is known to create a bond between moms and apparently it bonds dads too. Even if you hate it, you are in the same boat, it's like a parent cult.

I finished Hungry Monkey in 3 days. Another reason to breastfeed, you have no choice but to sit on your butt and relax( and in my case read!)
The book talks about a dads journey into the food world with his little girl. The smart choices, the stupid choices. Who in their right mind feeds their 6 month old a doughnut, Matthew?

The true star of the book is Iris (Matthew's daughter), the comments she makes, the father daughter activities they do together. The book reminded me to enjoy the simple things in life, it also reminded me of all the ingredients that I forgot existed and how much fun it is to shop at Uwajimaya.
Matthew is funny and sarcastic and all this comes through in his book with a snazzy city boy attitude. The kind of attitude that people trade for suburbia when they have kids. It's nice to see that you can have kids and live the city life.
(I wish my husband agreed but for now I am winning the battle)

To all my obsessive mommy friends, get the book and lighten up!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Events this Weekend

Hi Everyone,
Just stopping by to tell you about my weekly event update on My Northwest.

Frantic Foodie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the Winner is...............Alice

I wish I could write more but my hungry baby woke up to eat. I wrote all the names on a piece of paper and Alice is one that got chosen. Alice, please email me to claim your prize.

The stories are hilarious so take the time to read them because they will really make you laugh,
click here and scroll dowm

good night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Maximus Minimus, From the Makers of Beecher's

One day I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I walked into the Sugar Mountain offices (the creators of Beecher's, Pasta and Co. and Bennett's Pure Food Bistro) while they were tasting some recipes.

Pork Quoi? You ask. What were they tasting? I was sworn to secrecy.


They were tasting pulled pork. There were ultra spicy pork sauces, sweet sauces and all this for their new venture a huge truck that is shaped like, guess what? Yes, a huge pig!

This new restaurant will be in the pork truck you see. Come up to the window and order your pulled pork sandwich to the maximus or minimus. Maximus is the spicy one or Minimus for the sweet one. They will also have homemade veggie chips.
Are you a vegetarian? No worries, they have a grilled vegetable option too.
The sandwich will cost 6 dollars and you can catch the truck this June.

Updated News about Location: southeast corner of 2nd and Pike

Genius idea!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Win Tickets to Celebrity Food Event

Want to win tickets? Keep Reading.

The Celebrity Chef Tour benefiting the James Beard Foundation is coming to Seattle on
May 14th at the Columbia Tower Club.

The Celebrity chef tour recreates the James beard experience with culinary artists from all over the U.S. The event will include a reception and multi-course dining experience complete with premium wine pairings. The host of the dinner is Chef James Hassell and Seattle's own Ethan Stowell who will be cooking up a unique menu. Ethan Stowell owns Anchovies and Olives, How to Cook a Wolf and Tavolata just to name a few.

From Press Release:
As such, the Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at the Columbia Tower Club on May 14th promises to delight the palates of the most discriminating epicureans. Chefs Ethan and James will begin the evening with an elegant reception, featuring unique hors d'oeuvre creations served with a complementary wine selection. An innovative, one-of-a-kind dinner will follow, throughout which the chefs will engage the audience and share their insights in an intimate and exclusive setting, as guests enjoy several meticulously crafted courses paired with an assortment of carefully selected wines.

Tickets are $175 (plus state sales tax).
For more information and to
purchase tickets, please contact Jeff Black at 720-201-1853 or

Okay Guys..I have two tickets. Who wants them?
Tell me about your most embarrassing kitchen moment. I just want to laugh a little.
Leave a comment and be sure to check back to see if you won. I will choose the winner on Monday ,the 11th at midnight by random number.
Good Luck

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Beard Awards

Once a year, the food world stops. All the chefs and the foodies gather to hear the winners of the James Beard Awards. Here is the complete list.

I was excited to see that Outstanding Restaurant went to Jean Georges (Chef/Owner: Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Owner: Phil Suarez, New York, NY). I got the pleasure of having a wonderful lunch at Nougatine, the less fancy version of Jean Georges (we brought our baby with us), same kitchen but different style. Beautiful view of Central Park, exquisite food and if that isn't enough. They had a lunch special with three courses for 24 dollars.
If you are in NYC, don't miss this gem.

Surprise, Surprise (actually no surprise at all) : Momofuku Ko got the best new restaurant. I am kicking myself in the butt for not making it to the Momofuku milk bar. Oh well, I guess I will have to plan another trip.

As for Seattle, everyone knows Seattle rocks.

Seattle's Maria Hines of Tilth took the award for best chef in the Northwest and the PI's Rebekah Denn got an award for her article .