Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the Winner is...............Alice

I wish I could write more but my hungry baby woke up to eat. I wrote all the names on a piece of paper and Alice is one that got chosen. Alice, please email me to claim your prize.

The stories are hilarious so take the time to read them because they will really make you laugh,
click here and scroll dowm

good night!


Roberto Savino said...

Congrats, Alice! And thank you, Keren... Please keep me informed about the food happenings in Seattle!!

alice said...

Thank you so much Keren! I was up all night with baby so waking up to this email just made my day.

The Food Giraffe: foodgiraffe@gmail.com said...

Congrats Alice! and thanks for the fun contest Keren. Alice please let us know how the dinner turns out, I am sure everyone here would love to hear about your experience!

alice said...

Thanks Roberto and Food Giraffe. I am so excited I cannot wait! I'm definitely having a Cinderella moment!

alice said...

Just wanted to let everyone know if you are interested in the recap of the dinner, I have posted it here.

Thanks again Keren!