Monday, November 9, 2009

A Year Has Gone By, Seriously?

My son is turning one next week. It was just a year ago when I started saying the word "son" and it sounded funny. It's kind of like when you first get married and you say "my husband". It sounds so awkward. It feels like you are playing grown-up. The fact that I have "a son" baffles me.  The fact that
he is turning one, woah la! that just downright scares me.

The way I look at food has changed.

 My dear friend Rachel gave me this bagel book and wrapped it in bacon wrapping paper. This is me,
the night before I gave birth. Bagel in Bacon, not an oxymoron at all, that is how Rachel sees things. Here is her blog Jewshi (a Jew in Japan).

I will begin by saying (actually screaming) and happy dancing at the same time " I can't believe I nursed for a whole year". This is one of my biggest accomplishments this year. For some, nursing comes naturally and for many, well, it's like pulling teeth.

Nursing is the deep dark secret of motherhood. It's hard. The reasons are endless. Some babies don't latch on. Their mouths are too small. Some babies get nipple confusion (sounds sick huh?).
I won't go into detail with what happened with us. It's just not that interesting.

I will just say that I found it exhausting and decided that I would take it one day at time. So I did. Here I am. I crossed the finished line. One year was my goal, now I need to decide if I am ready to move on.
Here is a little more about my experience with nursing,

My way of cooking has changed this year. I used to be such a snob. I would never ever buy anything I could make. From the croutons to the bread. I could do it all.  Now I understand one thing. You do what you have to do to avoid having crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now even more, my little one eats everything that I do. And every calorie counts.

We are trying to make the right decisions. We know kids who are deprived of sweets are the first to raid the cupboards at friend's houses. We know that white bread has no nutrional value. We know that if a baby doesn't know what sugar tastes like, he won't know to ask for it. We know that rewarding a child with food is self-destructive. Now what? Choices. Choices.

Here are some of the things that we did for the first year. I don't know if they are rules but more like things we believe in

1. No juice
2. No TV, not even Baby Einstein Videos ( Did you know that Disney wil refund your money if you bought them?)
3. No cookies, cakes or other sugary snacks. (I can count on one hand , the times that we broke this rule)
4. Baby eats on his own when possible, no matter how messy the floor looks. He feeds himself.
5. We never bought baby cereal. It was just a waste of money. We crushed our regular cereal and he ate it that way.

I am sorry to dissapoint all my foodie friends but as much as I let my baby taste most of what I eat, I tried to keep it super healthy. Why ruin the one perfectly white tooth he has (yes, just one)?

Now I need to re-evelauate. His first birthday is coming. He will eat cake. It will probably be colorful and full of frosting. I want him to experience all the foods that we eat. I don't want to deprive him of the joy of food. I also don't want him to fill his tummy with junk.

I am curious to know. What are your rules? Do you offer dessert? How much is too much?


Nurit said...

I love your down to earth gonesty. No onwe knows what's right or wrong as far as rules. And the rules keep changing as kids and parents change. Take it easy.
I've decided that my #1 rule is that I don't want to argue with my children about food. Yeas, this means more cheese and carbs combo lately :( But I know it'll change as they grow. Just keep making that good food and present to him and enjoy it.

Fresh-Picked Seattle said...

What a great post!

I love this line: "You do what you have to do to avoid having crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

My whole learning-to-cook journey has been about starting from utter ignorance and really REALLY poor eating habits. The more time I spend around moms, the more I apply their kid-feeding tricks to myself. "No special treat until you ate your vegetables. Just try to eat a little protein."

Replace crackers with toast in that sentence and that pretty much sums up my daily struggle. Slightly embarrassing as a grown woman, but whaddya gonna do?

Happy Birthday to your little guy! He is a cutie!

frantic foodie said...

Nurit. Good rule. Glad he doesn't know how to argue yet anyway. Learning a lot of great ideas from the way you cook.

Leslie, I have been struggling with the vegetables lately because I always find that I like veggies more when someone else makes them.Good Point!

Salty Lass said...

You made it to 1 year?! Congrats, Lady! It's admirable. Not everyone can say similar [and those who work outside of the home face an entirely different challenge].

My Mom was a la leche league teacher and advocate. She breast-fed 4 children for a significant portion of her life. I hope I'll be able to do so too, yet who knows which hand I'll be dealt.

Happy [early] birthday to baby Elai, too!

Dana said...

Congratulations on making it to one year! That is a huge accomplishment even if you didn't nurse the whole time. And another big congrats on it because I know how challenging that can be.

We always said "we will never..." on so many things from food to bribing with desserts to TV watching. We have since learned that you just do the best you can always and sometimes that includes cheese quesadillas five times a week, bribing with Halloween candy, and morning and afternoon cartoons.