Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Favorite Week of the Year

This week is my favorite week of the year. The weekend starts with the Bastille festival at Seattle Center.

The Bastille day festival (this Saturday) is a milestone in my food obsessed world. Two years ago I volunteered at this festival because I was looking to meet new people.
From then on, I kept volunteering at every event that I could find, meeting food people, networking and here I am 2 years later enjoying all the connections that I managed to make.

Saturday night is the Bal des Pompiers (Fireman's ball), an evening of music and dancing in the streets.
Sunday is The Bastille day festival, a festival with chef demos, food and music.
It's free and open to everyone so bring the kids to this family friendly event.

Sunday I will be judging The Chocolate Salon again. Last year was a great experience so I am really interested in seeing the creative choices this year.
I think I still have a blue cheese chocolate truffle with a bite in it from last year in my fridge.
Here is my post from last year.
Bastille Day ,July 14 Events:

Cafe Campagne Bastille Festival:
Live music, food and Burlesque performances

Le Pichet
Bastille Celebration
From 6 pm and till late hours
French food and Live Jazz from Absinthe Minded Professors (7pm) and DJ Miss Broadway (11pm)

Maximillian Bastille Day Dinner
Enjoy a $35 3-course meal on the patio, overlooking the water. They have live music too.

I will try to make all 5 events. Will I be able to make it to all of them?

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Jackie at said...

Hope you had fun on the 14 juillet. I miss France so much. Thanks for sharing. It brings me back in time when I read about the Bal des pompiers and all the wonderful atmosphere.