Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

I love markets. Here in Seattle, Pike Place Market is where I go when I am feeling stressed or just in need of a little motivation.

In Tel Aviv, the Carmel market is where my passion for life is ignited.
The night before I went to the market, I tossed and turned in bed, imagining what I would find. I dreamt of the endless piles of candy. The piles make you want to jump in the candy and roll around. I dreamt of the plastic cups filled with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. I dreamt of the lady who stands around filling your bags with freshly baked pita. Then I woke up, fed the baby and ran to the market.

It was 8 am. I had candy for breakfast. I had fresh roasted nuts. I walked through the market and let the scents of the foods take me away. I took pictures. I forgot all my jet lag, my stress, my tiredness. I immersed in the colors, the foods, the fruit, the vegetables. No guilt here, I tasted everything and for a few hours I was happier than Willy Wonka.

I was in foodie heaven and I wasn't ready to come back to earth.

Candy Piles

Halva, Halva



MyLastBite said...

Wow! Looks amazing!

Dave Jones said...

Wow! those snapshots are great.

frantic foodie said...

thanks so much

Eagranie said...

Such gorgeous photos! They're making me hungry...I could do some serious damage to those stacks of halva.