Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seattle Food Blogger Event at Theo Chocolates

The last Seattle Food Blogger event was a chocolate lover's dream We met at Theo for a ganache demo, tastes of everything Theoretically possible and we pranced around the factory in the late hours of the evening.

Check out the video of the ganache demo here.

Click here
and scroll down for upcoming Theo chocolate education classes.

photos taken by Ronald of Cornichon


Lacey said...

I've heard about Seattle Food Blogger Events. How can I get involved?

Nurit said...

That was a great event! Lots of fun. Thanks for arranging it.

Diana said...

I have the same question as Lacey. I'm in Auburn, but consider myself in the Seattle area. I'd love to get involved with other food bloggers nearby.

Frantic Foodie said...

Diana and Lacey... send me an email to