Friday, February 20, 2009

Flavor of Seattle Giveaway

I am having a giveaway and this time it's a restaurant card. Yes, do you want to win a card that
will get you free restaurant food.

Have you heard of the Flavor of Seattle Card? Flavor of Seattle is an association geared at preserving the experience of dining at local, neighborhood restaurants. It is a unique membership card for those who like to eat out. How does it work? A restaurant card costs 50 dollars and can be purchased at any of the restaurants printed on the back of the card. When you spend over 50 dollars at any participating restaurants, you get 25 dollars back (Not including tax). Basically, you get to try every restaurant on the card once and save 25 dollars each time. Note: You can't use it to pay for dinner at the restaurant that you purchase it at on the same day of purchase. Restaurants include: Olivar, Paragon and many more.

Just comment and tell me why you want to go out to eat. The winner will be chosen
at random. Make sure to leave me a link to your blog or send me an email with your email address so I can notify you that you have won.

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Jay said...

I want to go out to eat more so that I have motivation to tear the wife away from our kiddos every now and again. That, and I've lived in Seattle way too long to know this little about it's good eats! Oh, and I'm poor too.

eden said...

My boyfriend and i often swoon over memories of The Soup we had at Guy Savoy's "Les Bookinistes" in Paris. We wax poetic about the little wine shop in Venice where you could fill up any water bottle right from the keg for just a few euros a liter. Since moving to Seattle I've wondered why these magical experiences can't happen here, but then I realized, they can!
Any help I can get about where to find the best gustatory enchantments is most appreciated. I hope to repeat and even improve upon the wonderful meals I've enjoyed in the past. I'm glad I found this blog!

raineygirl said...

I am always looking for more new restaurants to try and blog about, so the opportunity to help a possibly new or struggling restaurant and share the experience with others would be awesome. Plus, have I mentioned I like to eat? Well, I do. Actually I looked at the list and haven't been to any of them, so many opportunities to expand my food repetoire.

frantic foodie said...

thanks guys for the comments. The winner will be announced in a few days

Michael said...

I want to go out, so my wife and I can have a little quiet time to ourselves without our 2 and 4 year old. Also, would be nice to have someone else doing the cooking and the dishes. Seems like since we had kids a host of new places have popped up, even on Queen Anne and would be great to try one of them.

Lara Alexander said...

I want to go out to eat to try something that I had never thought to cook before. then go home and experiment with my own versions of dishes that I loved!

Evan and Brighid said...

This card would help to make it easier for my fiance and I to go out to eat together. He works as a chef which means that he only has two nights a week that he is with me at dinner time. It would be nice to spend more nights out with him on those days - without breaking the bank (we have a tight budget).